Weddings | Love is Sweet: Leia & Tyler are Married (continued)!

(Photo Courtesy of Emily G Photography)
Last weekend I posted some pictures of one of my favorite stationery suites that was created for one of my favorite couples from 2009, Leia & Tyler. Not too long after their wedding, Tyler sent me a link to some of the photos from their special day. They gave me permission to share them with you here, and I am stoked to do so! I’m also excited to show you the awesome favor boxes I letterpress printed for their wedding, as well as their thank you cards that we printed just last month.

Let’s start with the photos though! Leia & Tyler’s photographer was the fabulous Emily of Emily G Photography in Portland, Oregon. I don’t know Emily personally, but I do enjoy reading her blog, and ironically enough, she was the photographer for another friend’s wedding, who I did stationery for, that was held the weekend before Leia & Tyler’s wedding. If you’d like to see that couple’s stationery (Emily & Stephen), as well as photos from their wedding taken by Emily G, check it out in my earlier post here.
I love the photos that were taken of Leia, Tyler and their ceremony on the beach! It was such a gorgeous, sunny day too for an Oregon wedding in October! They were really lucky!
I love Leia’s green shoes in the foreground in this photo – so cute!!
Aren’t they just an adorable, couple?!? And, here are a couple of photos of a few details from their reception:
(All wedding photos above courtesy of Emily G Photography)
See that last photo of all of the brown and light green boxes? Twin Ravens Press totally made those. These were kind of a last-minute project that we did the week before Leia & Tyler’s wedding. You see, there is this great little chocolate shop in Eugene called Euphoria, and for their wedding favors, Leia & Tyler had gotten some really tasty little confections for their guests. They hadn’t figured out yet though, how to package or display them at the wedding. Leia and Tyler contacted me to help them out with this last little detail. To package their chocolates as favors for their guests, we created a set of paper pillow boxes with a paper band around them, letterpress printed with Leia & Tyler’s names, wedding date, and the phrase “Love is Sweet”. The chocolate brown boxes were from Waste Not Paper Company, and measured approximately 6.25″ x 4.125″ x 1.625″. Since we did this project on such short notice, you might notice that the font we used for it is a little different than the one we used for their invitations. Becaus
e we didn’t have time to have a new printing plate made, I used antique metal type for the wording on their favor boxes and we cut one of the trees from one of their other printing plates out and combined it with the antique type to create the design. Pretty neat, don’t you think?!? Here is what the boxes looked like flat:

And above is what they looked like folded up, with chocolate inside. Pretty sweet favors, if I do say so myself.
Then, just last month, I had the pleasure of working with Leia & Tyler again to create some custom thank you cards. Before I met Leia & Tyler they had created a set of Save-the-Date postcards themselves using photographs they had made of each other spelling out the words “Save the Date” on the front, and a photo of their two dogs, Vigo & Turbo, with signs that had their wedding date on them, and other information on the back. I don’t have one of the actual cards they sent, but here is a screen shot of the Save-the-Date design.
For their thank you cards, Leia and Tyler wanted to return to the idea of using their dogs for some sort of cute, quirky, thank you image. Here is what we came up with:
Leia & Tyler’s thank you’s are an A2 size card, printed on Crane Lettra pearl white 100% cotton paper, with matching Crane Lettra square flap envelopes. For the design, I created a stylized, cute, cartoony image of Turbo and Vigo for the front, with signs around their necks, just like Leia & Tyler’s Save-the-Dates, only this time, the signs read “Thank You”, instead of the date.
Coming up with this image was really a collaboration between Tyler and I, to make sure that the eye spots and facial expressions came out just right. The words “Thank You” are also in Tyler’s handwriting, just like the handwriting details from the directions card in he and Leia’s invitation suite. Aren’t these thank you’s just adorable?!?
For the envelopes, we kept things nice and simple, and just went with a matching white envelope, and printed Leia & Tyler’s return address on the flap in Turbo’s eye-spot-color-tan.

Leia & Tyler were fabulous, super-fun clients and have become great friends. I can’t wait to see what other non-wedding-related, awesome design/printing projects we come up with together in the future. Thanks so much Leia & Tyler. You rock my socks!

Weddings | Erika & Eric

Happy Friday everyone! A couple of weeks ago I completed a lovely set of wedding invitations for a wonderful couple back east named Erika and Eric! Erika and Eric designed their wedding invitations together and hired Twin Ravens Press to letterpress print them! I love the simplicity and pure elegance of this lovely one-color suite. I occasionally have potential customers ask if letterpress printing will be beautiful in just a single color, or if they really need to do two or more to make the letterpress look outstanding. Well, ladies and gentlemen, here is a stunning example of a one-color letterpress suite that I think looks gorgeous and amazing! You can see the full suite at the top, which included a horizontal A7 size invitation with corresponding gold envelope, and a horizontal 4bar size reply card with corresponding red envelope.

Erika and Eric’s wedding invitation and reply card were printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton Ecru paper, which is a nice, warm color that really takes letterpress impressions well. As the groom has a chinese background, they chose the traditional wedding color for the Chinese culture: red, as their ink color. Erika and Eric used a gorgeous, decorative script face for their names and the “Dinner and dancing to follow” line of their invitation, and a nice, contemporary all-caps san-serif face for the rest of the text. They created two very pretty, ornate looking border elements for each side of the invitation, and included a traditional chinese double-happiness character in the bottom left corner of the design.
I love how that red ink just pops right off the page! It’s truly stunning! We paired this invitation with a metallic, shimmery gold envelope from Waste Not Paper Company and printed the couple’s return address on the flap in red ink.
Erika and Eric used many of the same design elements from their invitation for their reply card to keep the set consistent. We used the same red ink color for the printing and Erika and Eric continued using their lovely decorative script typeface and san-serif typeface, as well as the pretty ornate borders. Along with having the standard “accepts” and “regrets” lines on their reply card, they also included a section where guests could select their entree for reception dinner. These reply cards were paired with matching red envelopes that were printed with black ink, also from Waste Not Paper Company.
Aren’t these just lovely?!? I absolutely love how traditional yet modern they are all at the same time, and I LOVE the splashes of red throughout the suite. It’s such a great color! Erika and Eric were fabulous clients to work with and Erika told me she’s heard nothing but glowing compliments on their invitations from their guests.
If you are interested in having a set of wedding invitations designed and/or letterpress printed by Twin Ravens Press, please contact me. I’d be more than happy to give you pricing and information on all of our design and printing services.
Thanks so much Erika and Eric! Congratulations and all the best to you!

Weddings | Caroline & John

Shortly before Christmas I completed a lovely, formal set of wedding invitations for a wonderful couple in Massachusetts who are getting married in Rhode Island this June. Caroline and John wanted a traditional, formal invitation suite to compliment the style of their upcoming New England wedding, with a little extra something to give a nod to Caroline’s Chinese heritage. You can see all of the pieces in the suite pictured in the image above. The suite included an A7 size wedding invitation with corresponding gold envelope, a 4bar size reply card also with corresponding gold envelope, a 3.5″x2″ website card and a lovely, ribbon belly band with medallion to tie the whole suite together.

Let’s take a look at each of the pieces in Caroline & John’s suite individually!
Here is their wedding invitation. All of the pieces in Caroline & John’s suite were printed on beautiful, cream, Rives BFK printmaking paper. This paper is 100% cotton and has a very smooth, hot press finish and it holds a letterpress impression and fine lines beautifully. We chose a very formal layout and fonts for the invitation design and printed it in one ink color: black. I’ve said it before and will say it again: I absolutely LOVE how crisp, black ink on an all-text invitation looks letterpress printed onto fine 100% cotton paper. There’s really nothing else like it and it is oh so classy! Check out a closer detail of the typography and printing:
Caroline & John chose a lovely, shimmery yellow-gold envelope from Waste Not Paper Company as their invitation envelope.
Caroline and John’s reply card is a standard 4bar size and also came with a coordinating yellow-gold envelope. This piece was also printed in black ink on Rives BFK and we continued using the more formal, classic fonts that we had picked for the invitation in order to carry the style all the way through the suite.
When I originally sent Caroline samples of some other invitations that we had printed in the past, she mentioned really liking the use of icons to represent meal choices for guests, rather than writing out the meal choices in words, so we used this same idea for her reply card as well! As you can see in the above images, Caroline and John’s reply card features the reply-by date at the top, a line for the guests to write their names, a place to check whether or not they will be attending the wedding and then below that is the question regarding meal choices. Each meal choice (fish, beef or vegetarian) has a line next to it for the guest to write in initials of who wants what entree. I love doing this on reply cards and think it adds a little extra whimsy to an otherwise very traditional reply card.
Like many couples I work with, Caroline and John have a wedding website where guests can locate more information about their upcoming wedding, directions, information about where to stay in Rhode Island, etc. In order to inform guests about their website, Caroline and John had me create a small (business card-size) website card featuring just the URL of their wedding website.
As with the other pieces, we still kept with the same, formal design and fancy typography. I think this is a lovely way to share your website with your guests!
To tie the whole suite together (literally) we created a belly band to coordinate with the suite. This belly band was made from 1/4″ matching, yellow-gold ribbon from Waste Not Paper, and a custom, letterpress printed, 2.5″ round medallion.
I’ve created belly band medallions like this for wedding invitation suites in the past and typically they feature the couple’s initials and/or monogram, but for this particular suite, Caroline wanted to use the Chinese double-happiness character on her medallion instead. This symbol, as well as the color red, is very traditional and significant for Chinese weddings, and I thought this was a lovely way for Caroline to incorporate it into her suite.
Here is what the suite looked like all put together:
The various pieces were stacked, largest to smallest, with the double-happiness belly band tying everything together. I love the way the whole “package” looks – it’s formal, beautiful and absolutely elegant. I also love the way the belly band keeps all of the pieces together, just so, so that the above is what the package looks like when it is pulled out of the envelope.
Gorgeous! I’m so glad I got to help make Caroline and John’s invitations and vision a reality! I know their wedding this June is going to be absolutely elegant!
Congratulations Caroline & John!

Tart Workshop + Twin Ravens Press Holiday Gift Tags

I recently had the opportunity to team up with the awesomely creative calligrapher/illustrator of Tart Workshop, Crystal Kluge, to design and letterpress print an absolutely adorable set of holiday gift tags. Crystal and I have had (and currently have) some mutual custom clients, so it was really exciting to get to work with her again on a project specifically for Tart Workshop & Twin Ravens Press!

These gift tags come in sets of six, one tag each of six different designs. All of the patterns were created by Crystal and all of the letterpress printing, die-cutting and assembly was done by Twin Ravens Press. These gift tags are 2.75″ in diameter and feature a different pattern in one of four ink colors (red, green, copper or silver) on one side, and a place to write who the gift is to and from on the back side.
Each tag is tied with a piece of all-natural hemp twine, making them easy to attach to gifts or hang from a Christmas tree. The tag sets come packaged in a 100% biodegradable, clear, corn-cello bag.

Since we are releasing these tags so late in the season, we are offering you a very special deal on them! Visit the Twin Ravens Press Etsy Shop today or tomorrow and purchase $20.00 (or more) of our products (this can be single greeting cards, boxed sets, coasters, etc.) and receive one set of gift tags free with your purchase! This offer is only valid until tomorrow, Sunday, December 20th at 5:00 pm, Pacific Standard Time, or while supplies last, so head over to the shop now! If you just want the tags, that’s perfectly fine too, they are also available for purchase on etsy, right here.
If you are currently a Twin Ravens Press retailer or you are considering carrying our products in your retail store, these tags will be added to our collection, and are available for wholesale purchases now. If you’re already looking ahead for next year, keep these in mind, as they are super-cute!
If you’d like to check out more of Crystal Kluge’s gorgeous hand-lettering, graphic design, illustration and typography design, check out her website and blog. I love working with Crystal, so check out her work if you have a custom project in mind!
Thanks so much again for the collaboration Crystal, and to all of my lovely readers out there: Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

Weddings | Kristen & Gregory

During the summer months, Twin Ravens Press prints a lot of wedding invitations. Often we are working with so many couples at the same time that even though we’re turning out lots of gorgeous stationery, we often don’t have the time to feature it on this blog right before or right after the actual event. However, because it’s all so lovely, I sometimes like to share it with you anyway, even if it’s been a few months since the event took place. The suite I’m about to show you is one such wedding suite. This suite was completed last May for a lovely couple in Virginia who were getting married in a church and having their reception at Virginia Tech University!

Kristen and Gregory’s suite included a gorgeous matted wedding invitation, a double-sided reception/driving directions card, a reply card with corresponding envelope, a custom-lined inner invitation envelope and an outer invitation envelope. You can see all of the pieces in this suite in the photo above.
Kristen and Gregory wanted a very elegant and traditional invitation design, but wanted to add a splash of color and tip their hats to their Alma Mater, and the location of their reception: Virginia Tech University. In order to do this, we created an inner/outer envelope set for the suite that featured an inner envelope that was lined with a custom, letterpress printed liner in a damask pattern in Virginia Tech’s school colors: orange and maroon. I love the way just this envelope liner adds a dramatic splash of color to the suite, while everything else is very elegant and traditional. The outer envelope was unlined and featured the couple’s return address in a calligraphy-inspired typeface.
Here is their invitation:
Kristen and Gregory chose a very beautiful and elegant, classic invitation layout featuring two typefaces: a gorgeous script for their names and the name of the church where they were married and a classic serif font for the other invitation information. This invite was an A7 size, printed on Crane Lettra Pearl White Paper and then matted with a black invitation matt to create a 1/4″ wide black border all the way around. Isn’t it beautiful?!?
Their reply card was designed to match and utilized the same two typefaces we used for the invitation. On it, Kristen had a place for guests to indicate which events (ceremony, reception, or both) that they would be attending. This card was a classic 4bar size and came with a corresponding white envelope.
The last piece in Kristen and Gregory’s suite was a combination directions and reception card. This card was also a 4bar size and was double-sided, featuring the reception information on one side and the directions on the other. Creating a combination card like this for an insert is a great way to save both paper and money on your printing!
Kristen and Gregory’s suite turned out absolutely beautiful and I’m sure their wedding last July was just as wonderful! Congratulations Kristen and Gregory!

Weddings | Emily & Stephen

(Photo courtesy of Emily G Photography)
Happy Friday, everybody! It’s been kind of cold, rainy, and wintery in Western Oregon today, so I thought I would share with you a really bright and cheery wedding invitation suite I printed earlier this summer for a very cute couple who were married in Portland, Oregon in late September. Emily and Stephen are good friends of mine. Shortly after college I met both of them while we all worked at the same University bookstore. Emily and I worked in the graphic design/marketing department and Stephen was working in IT. I can remember talking to Emily constantly about how one day I was going to quit doing design for marketing and advertising and open up my very own letterpress shop (she and I used to have our desks about three feet from each other after all). At that point, she and Stephen had recently started dating, so it was really fun when she got in touch with me earlier this year about letterpress printing her wedding invitations, and it was really fun in September to get to go to their wedding!!
Anyway, being the über-talented designer that she is, Emily designed her invitations herself! Check them out:
Emily and Stephen’s invitation suite included an A7 size invitation and envelope and an A2 size RSVP postcard. They were printed in two ink colors on Crane Lettra Pearl White 100% cotton paper and came with a coordinating white envelope from Waste Not Paper company. Emily and Stephen also had me print some really cute, matching wedding coasters for their reception as well!
Emily’s stationery as well as her wedding, was bright, cheery and colorful. They had their ceremony and reception in Portland, Oregon at the McMennamin’s Kennedy School – an old-fashioned school house that has been converted into a hotel/restaurant/bar/event space. I love how she was able to incorporate so many pretty colors into everything from her invitations to her reception without the whole thing being overwhelming. Here is her invitation by itself:

Emily chose to print her invitation in deep red and light pink inks. I love the fun and whimsical floral pattern she designed which adorned all of the pieces.
Their reception coasters were printed in the same ink colors with their names and the wedding date and some of the cute floral pattern. These are a 4″ round coaster, which is perfect for beer, cocktail, wine and other beverage glasses!
I wish I had taken some photos of how cute these looked at the reception, but, I actually forgot to bring my real camera to their wedding and the only photos I have were taken with a cell phone (and they weren’t very good ones). Let me tell you though, they were super-cute!
Here is the coordinating Waste Not Paper invitation envelope that Emily picked out:
We used a very pretty reddish-purple ink to print the return address on the flap. Then, for their reply cards, Emily chose to do a postcard to save on reply card envelope printing and postage. We used the same reddish-purple ink on this card as well as a bright and cheery yellow!
I absolutely love how Emily and Stephen’s personality and sense of humor shines through on the reply card. Take a look at their accepts/regrets options: “Sure” and “Nah…”. Aren’t they just too cute?!? I think they’re just about as cute as the couple they were created for. Here are some photos from Emily and Stephen’s big day, taken by Portland-based wedding and portrait photographer Emily G.
(All Wedding Photos courtesy of Emily G Photography)

If you’d like to see more photos from their wedding, check them out on their photographer’s blog, here.

Congratulations Emily & Stephen!

Vespagraphics Business Cards

Check out these awesome business cards we printed for owner/creative director of Vespagraphics, Keith Van Norman, last Friday! Vespagraphics is a graphic design company in Eugene, Oregon that focuses predominantly on print media, so it was quite the compliment that the owner, Keith, hired me to design and print his new cards, rather than designing them himself. Keith’s company focuses on creating socially, environmentally and fiscally responsible design solutions within their own work, and he wanted to keep up this responsibility with his business cards by using an environmentally responsible (recycled, tree-free) paper and soy/linseed oil-based inks.

Keith’s cards were printed on a custom, seeded, 100% recycled, 100% cotton paper by Porridge Papers in a cream color. The paper is embedded with wildflower seeds that will actually grow! They were printed with two ink colors: chocolate brown and deep burgundy-red. Design-wise we chose to go with a more antique-looking layout, with a vintage-inspired rendition of a Vespa in the center of the card, and all of Keith’s relevant contact information thoughtfully placed around the Vespa in a slab-serif font. I really love the wood-type inspired typeface that we used for the actual business name. I’ve used this typeface on a few other projects before, and I absolutely love how crisp and classy it looks letterpress printed!
Then, to be extra-fancy and unique, rather than keeping this card a standard rectangular shape, we die-cut the cards on the letterpress into a unique and more organic shape! I find die-cutting to be a really satisfying process that can really add a lot of character to certain designs. For Keith, it was the perfect finishing touch to make his cards really unique and interesting!
Keith was an absolutely wonderful client to work with and it was so much fun getting to show him the actual process of printing his cards from start to finish! He actually came and hung out in my studio on Friday morning while I was printing his cards, just so he could check it out. It’s really fun for me when a client takes as much interest in the process of creating their cards, as well as in the outcome! If you’ve ever wanted to see more photos of my shop, Keith took quite a few while I was printing, which you can see on his flickr stream. Check them out! Also, if you’ve ever wanted to see a 1912 Chandler & Price Letterpress in action, Keith took a short video of me as I was printing and die-cutting his cards. Check it out here:
If you are interested in having new business cards designed and printed for your company, please feel free to contact me anytime! Also, if you are in, or are willing to travel to the Eugene/Springfield, Oregon area and would like to visit our studio to check out the actual printing process, you are more than welcome to do so! (Just make sure you make an appointment first).
Thanks so much Keith! You rock!

Weddings | Joanne & Justin

Continuing my metallic ink theme from yesterday, I present to you these lovely wedding invitations I completed a couple of weeks ago for North Carolina couple who are getting married in Florida this upcoming December! The bride, Joanne, designed her invitations herself (aren’t the decorative motifs at the top and bottom gorgeous?!?) and hired Twin Ravens Press to print them. We printed Joanne and Justin’s wedding invitation in two ink colors: burgundy and metallic gold on Crane Lettra Pearl White paper. I love the color combination she chose and I think it’s going to be lovely for a late-december celebration!

Joanne is planning to assemble her invites herself and had her other inserts (a reply card and reception card) printed digitally to offset some of the cost of her total invitation package. This is really a wonderful option if your invitation budget is tight, but you want to still incorporate a gorgeous letterpress printed piece or two into your suite. Joanne is planning to assemble all of her invites and inserts into a decorative burgundy pocket folder with a belly band! I’m sure the whole package is going to look gorgeous together!
Congratulations Joanne & Justin!

Robot with Heart Coasters Featured on Etsy!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I must apologize. I have been a bad blogger. You haven’t seen or heard anything new on this blog in almost two whole weeks! Tragic, I know… It’s not that I haven’t been up to stuff, believe me, it’s still been rather busy. I don’t even have any decent excuses for the lack of blogging this time, but anyway, I’m back, and I’ve got all kinds of neat stuff to show you, starting with this:

I got a lovely e-mail yesterday from Emily of Sparrownestknits on Etsy about a treasury she created featuring our brand-new robot with heart coasters. The coasters feature our same robot from the classic card design I’ve been doing for a while now, but in coaster form. If you haven’t seen them yet, check them out here. Also, be sure to check out the treasury link above to see Emily’s other awesome robot picks and the link to her shop where she sells some gorgeous knitted scarves, hats and other items! Thanks so much Emily! You rock!

Weddings | Christina & Phillip

Every now and again I run into a bride and groom who have either designed their wedding invitations themselves or who are already working with another designer to do the design work and are looking for someone to letterpress print them. For the invitations you see above and below, Virginia bride, Christina, did the design work herself and hired Twin Ravens Press to do her letterpress printing.

If you’ve been following this blog, or if you’ve checked out my etsy shop, you may have noticed that I have a fondness for Japanese paper cranes. In fact, I designed several different greeting cards featuring them shortly following my trip to Japan last November. Christina had seen my cards on etsy and figured that since she was using a similar motif for her wedding invitations that I would be the perfect letterpress printer for her!
Christina’s wedding invitation is an A7 size and was printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton 110 lb. paper in Pearl White using Bordeaux Red and Black inks. The design features images of two paper cranes with a little red heart between them at the top of the invite and a fun pattern of black lines that aren’t too dissimilar from the ones we printed on this set of invitations earlier this year at the bottom.
The fine lines and text in this design made for some really nice letterpress impressions in the paper. Check it out in the detail photos below:
Christina’s reply card is a standard 4bar size and was printed on Crane Lettra Paper as well, however, because she wanted these to be postcards we printed them on the 220 lb. lettra so that they would be a little thicker and stiffer, in order to stand up to the postal machines a little better. They were printed in one ink color (black) and featured the same type of line pattern from the invite and some really adorable icons for their reception entree selections. Check it out:
Christina was a wonderful client to work with and I think her invitations turned out wonderfully! Congratulations Christina & Phillip!