Worldly Thank You Cards and A Beautiful Spanish Wedding

Last week I received a really fun e-mail from a client that I’ve been working with for quite sometime. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you may remember Isabel and her now-husband, Luis. Isa and Luis live in Tunisia and were recently married in Madrid, Spain. Isa designed all of the stationery for her wedding herself and hired Twin Ravens Press to print it. It was pretty fabulous! If you don’t recall what Isabel and Luis’ wedding stationery looked like, or if you haven’t seen it yet, you can see photos and read about it in a couple of my previous posts: here and here. You may also remember that I printed and die-cut a very cool set of round wedding menus for their wedding, which you can see and read about here. Anyway, shortly after their wedding, Isabel designed and had me print a set of thank you cards for them to send out to their wedding guests. I hadn’t shown these off on the blog yet, but when I received Isabel’s e-mail last week with a bunch of truly beautiful and awesome photos from their wedding, I figured now would be the perfect time to show off both!

First things first: I have to show off Isabel’s beautiful thank you cards! You can see a photo of one of the cards and their envelopes together at the top of this post. Here is a closer photo of just the card, by itself:
As Isabel and Luis have both english and spanish-speaking friends and family members who attended their wedding, Isabel created a bilingual design for her thank you cards. I love the challenge of designing printed pieces in multiple languages, but don’t get the opportunity to do it very often. All of Isabel and Luis’ stationery has been bilingual English and Spanish and I think she’s done an excellent job throughout, incorporating all of her wording in both languages without making her designs feel cluttered. Her thank you cards feature a large compass rose in the center of the A2 size card with the names of a variety of cities all over the world from where Isabel and Luis’ guests journeyed from to celebrate their wedding. The text at the top and bottom reads “Thank you for coming from near and far to celebrate with us”. Both the compass rose and all of the text were printed in chocolate brown ink on Crane Lettra 100% cotton ecru paper. We also blind-embossed an antique map of the world behind the compass. It’s a little bit difficult to see in the large photo, but here is a close-up photo so you can see it better:
Isn’t that cool?!? For her envelopes, Isabel chose a chocolate brown A2 size envelope from Waste Not Paper and had us letterpress print on both the flap and front in copper metallic ink.

I typically don’t print on envelopes with this much ink coverage, but the results were amazing! Here are a couple of detail photos so you can see the front and back flap of the envelope a little better:
Aren’t those amazing?!? I love how Isabel stuck with very romantic, classic images throughout all of the pieces in her wedding stationery suite! As I briefly mentioned above, printing these envelopes were no small feat, due to the large amount of ink coverage. Because I hadn’t had a set-up in a while for envelopes that was this complex, I took a few photos so that my fellow printers (and anyone else who’s curious) could check out the make-ready (fancy printer’s term for set-up) for printing these envelopes. It was pretty crazy!
In all three of these photos you can see where the printing plate is sitting below the ink disk. To make the image have an even and clear impression on the envelope I had to cut out the parts of the envelope on an extra one that were causing the printing to be uneven and the tape this cut-up envelope on top of my tympan, but under some acetate to create an even, but smooth surface from which to feed the envelopes to. I used rubber bands to create a frisket to help pull each envelope away from the heavily-inked plate after the print was made so that the envelopes didn’t stick and get caught and smashed by the press. You can see the rubber bands in the photo above. It was pretty crazy, but I always love a challenge!
Isabel’s thank you cards came out beautifully and I’ve been very excited to show them off to you along with the rest of her stationery! Which brings me to something else that’s really exciting! Every now and again a bride will e-mail me photos of their actual wedding. After working with so many couples, having so many different types of weddings, all over the world, I’ve found that it’s really fun and exciting when I receive an e-mail from a couple with photos of their celebration. Isabel and Luis’ wedding was no exception to this, and honestly, I was super-excited to see photos of a wedding in Spain!
I’m not entirely sure about many of the details of their wedding, but I love how absolutely gorgeous and happy both Isabel and Luis look in all of them. I also love that many of the photos Isabel sent are in black and white. I think it adds just one more touch of classic romance, to an already very traditional, classic and romantic-looking celebration.
Aren’t the couple and the church where they got married, absolutely beautiful? The above photo almost looks like an antique image to me. It’s almost difficult to believe it was taken on May twenty-third of this year. So beautiful!
I love how happy they look in the two photos above and I love it that you can see the rice being thrown in the second one!
Aren’t they just so romantic and wonderful? I feel so so sappy, but it totally made my heart flutter just a little bit when I looked at them the first time. Thanks so much Isabel and Luis for hiring me to be a little part of your special day, and thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos with me, and for letting me share them with the world!

Weddings | Isabel & Luis

I was thinking today that it’s been a little while since I posted anything about weddings, and since I have had quite a few potential custom wedding clients appear over the past week or so, it might be good to write about some of the wedding stationary that has been recently finished. A few months ago I was contacted by a lovely bride, Isabel, through my etsy site about letterpress printing a set of custom wedding invitations that she was designing herself.  I feel really honored to have gotten to work with this couple, because, although they are living in the U.S. now, Isabel is originally from Spain and her husband-to-be, Luis, is originally from the Dominican Republic and right before their wedding they will be leaving the U.S. to move to Tunisia for work.  Personally, I love to travel and I always thought it would be really neat to have a job that you travel and live in different countries for.  I didn’t quite end up in a job like that (obviously, even though I love the job I have very much), and I don’t plan on trying to move my nearly 1,000 pound printing press around to different places just so that I can say I’ve lived and worked in other countries, but I do still love to travel to, see and experience different places whenever I get the chance.  Because of this I feel really excited to have gotten to work with a couple who is doing that, and who will be here for awhile and then be somewhere else. It’s really neat that they chose to work with me, out of all the other possible people they could have throughout the U.S., the world and their travels.  It’s pretty neat how the internet and e-commerce can bring people and businesses together who are hundreds or thousands of miles apart.
Anyway, on to the stationary.  Because they have many friends, speaking different languages, all over the world, Isabel & Luis decided to have two sets of invitations printed.  The design of both sets is the same, but one set is in English and the other set is in Spanish.  You can view images of both complete sets below.  
Each set included an A8 size invitation, a khaki invitation envelope with their return address printed on the flap and a reply card.  All of the pieces (except the envelopes) were printed on Crane’s Lettra paper in Ecru.  We decided to use the standard weight of Crane Lettra (110 lb.) for their reply cards and the double-thick weight (220 lb.) for their invitations.  Check out both invitations below.
I haven’t printed on Crane’s double-weight paper too often, but I really do like the way that it looks.  The paper itself, while still being 100% cotton is so stiff and thick, it almost feels the same as my coaster stock.  It prints really beautifully and because of the thickness of the sheet to begin with, you can get a fairly substantial impression without a lot of effort.   Check out a close-up, detailed image of one of the invitations below:

Pretty, don’t you think?  I really love too how the combination of the warm red and chocolate brown inks on the warm Ecru 100% cotton paper really makes it feel like a decadent and romantic Spanish wedding.  It’s almost like a preview of what the actual celebration at a very old cathedral in Madrid, Spain will be like, in paper form.  
Below are closer-up images of both sets of reply cards.  Rather than going with a standard reply card where your guests fill in their response and mail them back to you, Isabel and Luis opted to go with more of an informational-style reply card and are having their guests respond online.  I did a similar type of card for the last couple I wrote about, Valerie & Rebecca, for the same reason: both couples are moving in between when the send out their invitations and when they have their actual weddings.  I think this is a really great thing to do so that you can still have a separate reply card if you are in the same or a similar situation.  Check them out:
Last, but not least: the envelopes.  Isabel and I went back and forth a lot on what the envelopes for this set should be: white, ecru, khaki?  What size should they be? Etc…  We finally decided on a Khaki colored A9 envelope from Waste Not Paper.  The actual invitation is an A8, but Isabel was making some sort of fancy fabric inner envelope to put the invites, etc. in that would go inside the printed mailing envelope, so we decided that going with the bigger size would be the safest idea in order to make sure that the fabric inner-envelopes would fit.  Isabel designed a rather fancy return address image and I printed it in chocolate brown ink on the back flap.  
Finally, it’s always wonderful to hear a little bit of praise every now and again for what you do, day to day, even if what you do is really really cool…  Normally, I would just link to this sort of thing, but in this instance I didn’t want it to be too hard to find, so below is what Isabel wrote on her wedding website about Twin Ravens Press and my work:

The letterpressed part of the wedding invitations (inner invitation, RSVP card and envelope) were designed by Isabel but printed by the awesome Twin Ravens Press.  They were A+++ on customer service and went above and beyond to find the highest quality at the best price.

Thanks so much, Isabel!  I know that they are going to have an absolutely beautiful and romantic wedding in Spain in May.  

Congratulations Isabel & Luis!

Weddings | ¡Ileana y José están consiguiendo casados!

Just a quick little post this morning because I’m going to be thoroughly busy printing pretty much all day.  Remember those cool wedding coaster’s that I printed for Lynn & Matthew? Well, Lynn posted about how much she liked them here on Wedding Bee and shortly after that I got an order from a new couple, Ileana & José, for the exact same coaster design – only with their names and wedding date.  So, what’s so different and special about this job, you may ask… Ileana & José are from Puerto Rico and wanted their coasters in Spanish.  I just finished them last night.  Check them out: 

I think they turned out really cool.  What do you think?