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Remember the post we did earlier this August about the lovely and ultra modern wedding invitations we created for Bellevue, Washington couple, Angela & Lý?  No?  Well, if you don’t, click on the link above and check them out because they were gorgeous!

At any rate, Angela was kind enough to send over a few photos from their wedding last week, and I’d love to share them with you all!

Aren’t those some gorgeous wedding photos?!?  Angela is just beautiful, and so was their venue.  Plus, everyone just looks like they’re having a really wonderful time!

If you want to check out a few more photos of their stationery, that you haven’t seen before, you can below.  These photos were taken by our wonderful, professional photographer in-residence, Katie Campbell of Katie Campbell Photography.  (In case you were wondering, Katie also took the majority of the photos that you see rotating in our masthead above.  She’s awesome!)

Lovely stationery, lovely couple, gorgeous photos…  It really doesn’t get too much better than this!  Thanks so much Angela for sharing some photos of your’s and Lý’s Big Day with us!  All the best!

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