Wedding Sneak Peek

I’m very excited about a rather large wedding invitation order that I’ve been working on printing this past week.  The wedding colors are deep plum and white and I’ve already printed the invitations, reply cards, outer invitation envelopes and reply card envelopes.  Those four pieces, as well as the unprinted inner invitation envelopes are on our house paper, Crane Lettra in Pearl White, printed with deep plum colored ink.  This wedding set also includes a reception card, menus and programs.  The reception card, menus and programs are being printed in a cream (almost white) colored ink on a custom made deep plum colored paper.  I just finished the reception cards and boy do they look cool!  Check them out above and below: 

Pretty fancy, unique and awesome, don’t you think?  (The photos were taken in the shop, which explains the uneven lighting and the press and other accoutrements in the background).  
The custom paper was made by Porridge Papers in Lincoln, Nebraska.  If you are unfamiliar with Porridge, they are a small batch custom paper-making studio.  All of their paper is made to order and they have some really fun options, like custom colors (just about any color you could want), scented papers, sparkly papers and plantable papers with growable seeds embedded in them. If you have the budget for it, having custom paper made is definitely a wonderful option for your wedding invitations or other special event.  We are also printing the menus and programs for this suite on this same plum colored paper.   Watch out for those and the rest of this suite in a later post!  
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