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I’m so sorry for my extended blogging absence, folks!  We’ve been busy around here finishing up fall orders and getting holiday cards ready for the upcoming holiday season!  I want to get back in to the blogging swing of things though by showing you this lovely set of modern, orange and grey wedding invitations that we created for Virginia couple, Alyssa and Matthew, who are getting married tomorrow!  Alyssa and Matthew’s invitation suite included a 4bar ceremony invitation, a larger #10 size reception invitation, a 4bar response card with corresponding orange envelope and a #10 grey outer invitation envelope to hold everything in.  Alyssa and Matthew are getting married at Alyssa’s parent’s home and are having a small, private ceremony followed by a larger reception with drinks, dessert and dancing.  All of their pieces were printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton bright white paper in two ink colors: a medium, warm grey and a bright, festive orange.  Alyssa wanted a modern design and not a lot of graphical elements, but I did create a pattern of modern lines with varying sized circles for them that were used throughout the suite.

Below is an image of Alyssa & Matthew’s ceremony invitation.  As I mentioned above, they are having a small, intimate ceremony for just close friends and family, so they had me print their ceremony invitations much smaller than the main reception invitation.  This card is a 4bar size.  I love the ultra-modern treatment of their names!  Alyssa and Matthew’s names are purposefully joined together, without spacing, and we used a modern, all-lower-case, san-serif font for Alyssa’s name, and a slightly bolder, serif face for Matthew’s.  The names really stand out on this card in the lovely bright orange ink that Alyssa picked!

After the ceremony, Alyssa and Matthew planned for a larger, evening reception for more guests, with drinks, dessert and dancing.  We created a larger, #10 size invite for this part of the evening in the same style, which you can see below.

Their reply card was also a 4bar size, printed entirely in grey ink!  I love how Alyssa included lines for guests to suggest requests for the dj and bartender.  I’m sure it’s going to be a fabulous party!  You can also see in the photos above a close-up of their invitation envelopes (lower left) that had their return addresses printed on the flap in grey ink, as well as their reply card envelopes (lower right) that were orange with grey ink on the front.  I just love how this suite came together and think that the design, combined with Alyssa and Matthew’s color choices, was perfect for a modern, fall wedding.  Congratulations Alyssa and Matthew!  Thanks again!

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