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Check out this set of wedding invitations!  I’ve been super-excited about showing off this set since they were completed this past April, but I hadn’t quite found the time to do so until now!  You’re in luck though, these babies are well worth the wait, and I sure hope we get to see pics of the bride and groom from the event, since their wedding was this past Saturday!  Check them out!

Bellevue, Washington couple, Angela & Lý, had contacted me earlier this spring to design and print a set of wedding invitations for their sleek, modern, awesome wedding to be held at Court in the Square in Seattle last weekend.  You can see the set in full glory in the image above.  It included a large 6.75″ square invite, a coordinating 5.25″ square reply card and two sets of matching, square envelopes.  All of the pieces were printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton pearl white paper (including the envelopes!) with black ink and blind embossing.

For the design of the invite (and really the suite on the whole), we used a super-modern, sleek, serif font printed in black ink.  The main focus of the invite is Angela & Lý’s names, with all of the other relevant information in the same font much smaller above and below.  This invite is on the large side, at 6.75″ square.  This size was a perfect choice for this design because it allowed us to utilize lots of open white space for the blind embossing and also allowed us to have generous margins on all sides of the text.  For the blind embossing, I created a fun, modern, free-flowing pattern of different sized circles, some of which touching and interlocking and others flowing freely behind the type.  The embossing gave this invite (and the other pieces in the suite), a look and feel that was just phenomenal!

Angela and Lý’s invitation envelopes are also quite lovely, and coordinated beautifully with their invitation!

These envelopes are a large, 7″ square size with a square flap and are also made from 100% cotton.  In keeping with the design of the invitation, I chose to use more of the free-flowing circles on both the front and flap of the envelope.  Because envelopes are significantly lighter in weight (thinner) than the papers we use for the actual cards that go inside of them, blind embossing on envelopes doesn’t show up very well.  Because I wanted the envelope to have the same “look” though as the pieces on the inside, I printed the circles using a really really light grey ink to get a similar effect.  Aren’t they cool!?!  Angela & Lý’s names and return address were printed on the back flap in the same style and font as on the invite in black ink.

To jazz up these large envelopes even more, Angela chose a fun, but not over-the-top paper to use as an envelope liner.  This paper is a little more elegant and romantic, and slightly less modern looking than the rest of the stationery, but I love how well it coordinated with the color choices and I love how the pattern gave everything just a touch of sparkly-ness!  It was a great way to add a soft, romantic touch to an otherwise very modern invitation suite!

Angela and Lý’s reply card is very similar to their invitation and also features black ink and lovely blind embossing!  I mixed up the pattern of the circles for the blind emboss quite a bit on this piece, to keep things fresh and it really turned out nice.  Check out the image below to see the texture of the printing and embossing a little bit better – it’s just awesome!

Last, but certainly not least, we created a lovely square response card envelope to match.  It’s quite similar to the larger invitation envelopes, with super-light grey printing for the circles and Angela and Lý’s address in black ink on the front.

I love love love how everything in this suite coordinated so well!  Angela and Lý were so much fun to work with and I loved how they let me take their super-sleek, modern style and just run with it!  I’m sure their wedding this past weekend in Seattle was just fabulous!

Thanks again and congratulations Angela & Lý!

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