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At Twin Ravens Press, we create beautifully handcrafted letterpress wedding stationery. With a tireless love for all things paper, we strive to create meaningful, beautiful, designs that bring your stories of love and life to paper. Whether you’re working with one of the designs from our wedding collection, or you prefer to work one-on-one with us to design something completely unique for your special day, we are excited to work with you. Please take a look and we hope we can work together on your upcoming wedding.

Custom Wedding Invitations

Love, sweet love.

For many years now, Twin Ravens Press has had the pleasure of working one-on-one with hundreds of engaged couples to create wedding stationery that is truly customized to their special day.  From a simple invitation for a small country wedding, to an urban-chic shindig with 350+ invitees, we’ve got you covered!  Below are some of our most favorite custom wedding invitation designs.  See something you like?  Get in touch with us, and we’d be more than happy to create a unique letterpress wedding invitation suite just for you!

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

We recommend that your RSVP date be between 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding date.  You may want to ask your caterer or wedding planner if they have a specific timeframe in mind too that they need your RSVPs in by. Once you have an idea of what you want your RSVP date to be, we recommend that you mail out your invitations to your guests 4-6 weeks prior to that.  Keep in mind that if you have international guests, or if you are planning a destination wedding, you may want to mail them even earlier (think 3-6 months before your wedding) so that they have time to look for airfare and accommodations.

We require 4 weeks for printing AFTER your design proofs are approved.  We can often fill orders in a shorter timeframe than this, but make sure you give us at least 4-6 weeks before you’d like to receive your invitations for placing your order, unless you’re okay with it being a rush.

Twin Ravens Press has been designing and letterpress printing wedding invitations for years now, and we are happy to offer wording advice to any of our clients.  If you’re stumped on how to handle a delicate situation with parent names on your invitations, or if you’re wondering whether or not a middle name or title should be included on your invite, we are happy to help.  Get in touch with us to talk about what type of event you’re having, and we’d be more than happy to give you some suggestions!

Calligraphy is a wonderful addition to any wedding invitation suite!  Twin Ravens Press does not offer calligraphy in-house, however, we do work with several fabulous calligraphers throughout the country who would be happy to work with you and us, simultaneously, on your envelope addressing, and/or to create calligraphy that will coordinate with your letterpress stationery or that can be incorporated into it!  Check out our Preferred Vendors page for more information and calligraphers we recommend!

Yes!  We love working with other graphic designers, artists, and/or their clients!  Please contact us for more information and to discuss your project.

Yes.  Our minimum order for invitations is 25.

A lot of factors play in to how long it will take us to design a custom set of invitations for you.  The size of your wedding, how many pieces you want to incorporate into your suite, how much you know about the style of invitations you want, whether or not you have your wording figured out, how full our current production schedule is, and how long it takes you to give us feedback on your design proofs, among other things, can all play a role in how long the process takes.  We recommend a bare minimum of 4 weeks for just design time (however even longer is better!), if you want us to do something custom for you!

Please expect 4 weeks for print production time once you approve of your final design proofs.  Often we can get the printing done in as little as 2 weeks, but we recommend you give us up to 4 to get the job perfect!  Rush options are available on some orders.  Please ask!

All initial proofs are done digitally via PDF files.  When you begin working with us on a custom design, we will create up to 6 initial proofs based on your ideas.  We will email you PDF proofs of your invitations and you will email us back with your edits.  We offer as many revisions as necessary from that point to get your invitations right!  Most of our clients nail down their final proof once they’ve chosen a design in 2-4 revisions. Once you approve of the digital proofs for all of the pieces in your suite, you give us the okay to move into production.
Please note:  Twin Ravens Press doesn’t normally provide hard proofs prior to printing a full suite.  Your digital proof is an accurate representation of the size and look of your final invitations.  Colors can vary from screen to screen though, so we highly recommend, that if you have particular ink colors in mind, you provide us with Pantone color numbers for the ink colors you want.  If you absolutely have to see a hard proof before we go to print, we can send you one at a cost of $100.

We use the pantone color matching system to mix our colors, so what I would suggest is that you contact a printer or graphic designer in your area, that’s using the same color system (it’s a very universal and common one) and ask if you can see their pantone color book.  You’ll want to make sure you only look at Matte or Uncoated colors, as these are the kind we use for letterpress.  Each Pantone color is labeled with a three or four-digit number.  If you give me the numbers of the colors you like, I can match them here in my shop.  Please do not look for Pantone colors on the internet.  All computer screens are calibrated differently for color, so what you see on your screen won’t be an accurate representation of the same color in print.  Let me know if you have any questions about this!

Yes!  Any of our invitations can be customized with an inner/outer envelope set.
More traditional or formal invitations tend to use inner/outer envelopes.  On the inner envelope, you’d write the name of the person(s) invites, such as “Ms. Buchanan and Guest”.  More modern invitations, or couples who are looking for a more streamlined invitation suite, often forgo the inner envelope (though in some regions of the country, such as The South, an inner envelope still seems to be a “must”).  In many cases, it really depends on what you and your family prefer.  Personally, we love inner envelopes because, even on a less formal suite, they can get a really fun way to add some extra pizazz to your invitations by adding a fancy envelope liner or fun calligraphy on an envelope that won’t get funky in the mail.
As far as envelope lining goes, we can line either single outer envelopes or inner envelopes on an inner/outer set.  If you know you want envelope lining though, we do recommend a separate inner envelope, just so that your guest don’t tear open the single envelope ands the perfect burst of color or fun pattern that the envelope liner adds to your set!

Yes!  Twin Ravens Press can digitally print envelope liners to coordinate with the design and colors of your wedding invitation suite or we would be happy to suggest pre-printed or handmade art papers that would coordinate well with your invitations.  We are also happy to create envelope liners for you from paper you supply.  Please contact us directly for more information on this!

We are happy to ship invitations either via UPS or the US Post Office.  We will happily price out shipping and look up transit times for you upon completion of your order prior to shipping it, so you can choose the carrier, price, and transit time that works best for you!  All invitations ship fully insured and a signature is required upon delivery.

The cost to mail your invitations is dependent on their weight and destination.  If you would like to purchase postage prior to mailing your invitations, please contact us, and we would be happy to weigh your invitations and let you know how much postage they will require so you can buy the correct postage.

No.  Printing individual guest addresses with letterpress requires a separate printing plate for each guest address, which would get prohibitively expensive very quickly.  We recommend either digitally printing your guest addresses on the fronts of your envelopes, or hiring a calligrapher to hand write your addresses.  We work with some wonderful calligraphers!  For more information about them, please check out our Preferred Vendors page.

Yes!  If you order printed invitation envelopes they will most certainly come with your return address printed.

All of our pricing is based off of three things: 1) the number of sets of invites you want to order (ie. How many people do you plan to invite?), 2) the number of pieces in each set (ie. invitation, reply card, directions?, how many sets of envelopes, etc…) and on 3) the number of ink colors on each piece. With letterpress each color is printed separately, one sheet at a time, so the more colors you have the more difficult and time consuming the printing process is.   Please contact us and let us know a little more about the invitations you would like to order, and we would be happy to send you a free estimate!

Potentially.  Twin Ravens Press offers several “house” papers and several “premium” and “specialty” papers you can choose from for your invitations.  All of our house papers are included in our standard invitation pricing.  You are more than welcome to upgrade your invitations to a premium or specialty paper for an additional cost.

Letterpress inks are semi-transparent, which means that the color of your paper will show through a little bit, affecting the perceived ink color in your print.  If you print white letterpress ink on dark paper, you’ll see more dark paper through the transparent ink than you’ll actually see ink color, and the white ink won’t look white.  If you want the look of a white ink on a dark paper, we recommend using white matte foil, which is totally opaque, and looks fantastic!

Twin Ravens Press highly recommends that you order extra wedding invitations, beyond the number of people on your guest list, with your initial order.  Ordering extra invites up front always costs less than having to place an additional order later.  We recommend you order at least 10% extra.  There will always be last-minute add ons to your guest list, or you may have an invitation or two returned by the post office.  Plan for the unexpected!  However, if you don’t order enough, please contact us, and we’ll see what we can do.

In our experience, most calligraphers require 10-20% more envelopes than you have addresses for, in case of mistakes.  We recommend that you ask your calligrapher what they prefer.  We are more than happy to print as many extra envelopes as you (and they) need!

No!  For the sake of simplicity, our price list lists invitations in multiples of 25, however, we are happy to print any quantity you want.  Need 145?  Contact us, and we would be happy to adjust your price quote accordingly.

Yes!  Absolutely!  Please keep in mind that shipping orders internationally can take a little more time and/or cost a little more, but we are more than happy to work with anyone who appreciates our work!  In fact, a large number of our wedding clients have been located in Australia, Great Britain, France, The Netherlands, Japan, and other countries.  Please contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Yes!  Absolutely!  So long as you are willing and able to provide us with the wording, exactly as you would like it printed, in your non-English language, and you’re willing and able to proofread a proof we send you in that language to make sure we didn’t make any errors, we are happy to print your invitations, or other paper goods, in any language(s) you wish!

Due to the personal nature of custom printed items, we can not accept returns or offer refunds on wedding invitations, personal stationery or business cards.  If you have a problem with your custom order, please contact us and we would be more than happy to see what we can do to remedy the situation!

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