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Happy November everybody!  I can’t believe how quickly the holidays are approaching.  Twin Ravens Press has several wonderful goodies in store for the upcoming holiday season that you’ll be hearing about here very soon, but in the meantime, I want to show off an absolutely gorgeous set of wedding invitations we finished early last month for a couple getting married on New Year’s Eve!  Jessica (who goes by “Jay”) and her soon-to-be husband are getting married at the luxurious Parker Palm Springs on New Year’s Eve and wanted a fun, modern and original design for their invitations.

Jay’s invitations are a long and skinny #10 size, letterpress printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton duplex bright white paper.  We created a monarch size wedding itinerary to accompany them, along with a set of 4bar reply cards and envelopes.  The invitation and other components were enclosed in a custom-made invitation sleeve with red and gold Thai Unryu paper that was sealed with a custom monogram belly band and ribbon and came in a black #10 string + button envelope.  Allow me to walk you through what you would see if you were to receive one of these beauties:

Here is what the invitations looked like when they were first removed from their envelopes.  We die-cut that small window at the top of each sleeve, so that a lovely, thin, red and gold Thai Unryu paper would peek through.  The inspiration for this window design came from photos Jay had sent me of a large wall that surrounds The Parker’s grounds that is made up entirely of this pattern.  The sleeves were tied shut with a black and white 1/8″ wide ribbon and each ribbon had a custom letterpress printed monogram medallion in the center.

Untie the sleeve and inside you would find the invitation’s contents wrapped in tissue-thin Thai Unryu paper.  This paper is a bright red color and has little gold threads woven throughout.  All of Jay and Michael’s stationery was printed in a single ink color: black, on white paper, so adding this bright red paper to the inside of the invitation sleeve really added a lot of color to the suite!

Here is just the invitation sitting nestled inside the sleeve.  Jay’s invite was double-sided and featured the same pattern that we used for the motif on the front of the sleeve, blind embossed into the invite itself.  The majority of the text of the invitation was printed using a traditional all-caps serif typeface, and the beautiful calligraphy for Jay and Michael’s names as well as “dinner, dancing and 2011 to follow” was created by Lori Raines Calligraphy Studio in Keizer, Oregon.  Lori created all of the calligraphy for Jay’s suite and then we letterpress printed it on each piece.  Lori also addressed all of Jay’s black invitation envelopes! The back side of Jay’s invite included the same monogram you saw on their belly band medallion, and their wedding website URL below it.  In the images below, you can see some close-ups of the die-cut window in the sleeve, the belly band, monogram and ribbon.

Here are some close-ups of the invitation by itself!  I absolutely love the combination of gorgeous calligraphy with traditional serif fonts and blind embossing.  You really can’t get much more modern and elegant than this.

For an extra-special touch, we also edge-painted the edges of Jay’s invitations in bright gold.  Edge-painting is a very subtle touch, but really adds a lot of punch to any invitation suite, especially when you use such an awesomely bright color!  The gold looks just fabulous with these!

Along with the invitation, Jay also chose to include a simple itinerary of the weekend’s events.  This piece was also letterpress printed in black ink on Crane Lettra 100% cotton bright white paper.  I love the simplicity of this piece and the tiny blind embossed designs that we included separating each day’s events.  These are the same little square motifs from both the invitation and die-cut sleeve!

Last, but certainly not least, is Jay and Michael’s reply card.  This card was also printed on Crane Lettra and came with a matching white envelope.  It features the same, lovely blind-embossed border elements as the other cards, as well as Lori’s calligraphy for the “M” and reply by date.  We tried to keep this card as simple and modern as possible, while still having all of the information that Jay and Michael will need for their event.  Jay also chose to utilize our super-cute beef and fish icons for her dinner choices, which I think is pretty awesome.

Jay and Michael were so much fun to work with and I know that their New Year’s Eve wedding celebration is going to be a gorgeous night to remember!  Congratulations Jay & Michael!  Thanks again!

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