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I’m finishing up the printing today for a set of letterpress wedding invitations featuring some lovely scripts and hand-drawn magnolias for a couple in Florida for their upcoming wedding this spring, and I was reminded of another lovely set of invitations, that also featured magnolias, that we did this year and I hadn’t shown off yet.  Magnolias seem to be a really popular motif for southern weddings and they are so lovely, I just had to show you some of the styles that we’ve created with them.  The invitations you see above and below were created this past spring for a couple in North Carolina, Kelsey and David, who were married in July.  They featured a large, 6″x8″ invitation with coordinating inner/outer envelopes and a lovely single-color reply card with envelope.

One of my favorite things about this suite are the large invitation envelopes, so lets see those first!

Kelsey and David’s wedding invitations were large – measuring just over 6″x8″, so they needed a really large, lovely, formal set of envelopes to mail them in.  Kelsey chose to have us create both inner and outer envelopes for her suite.  The outer envelope, which you can see in the top left of the photo above was unlined and was printed in two ink colors: a light, spring green and dark grey.  A large, hand-drawn magnolia flower was printed in the center of the envelope flap with Kelsey’s mom’s return address printed in dark grey over the top of it.

Kelsey and David’s inner envelopes (bottom right in the photo above) were unprinted, but featured a beautiful custom envelope liner made from a light green lokta paper with a gold fern pattern on it.  I absolutely love working with Lokta paper and I think this pattern and color really complimented Kelsey and David’s invitations nicely.

For their actual invitation, Kelsey and David wanted a very formal and classic layout and script fonts for the entire design.  To save a little bit of money, we printed both the invite and reply card in a single ink color, but alternated them, so that both pieces would coordinate with the envelopes perfectly.  The invitation was printed in dark grey ink and features a lot of flourish-y script and one lovely flourish at the top of the design for decoration.

The reply card featured the same script typefaces, but was printed in green rather than grey.  I love how in this design, the “Kindly reply” has flourishes that leave the edges of the card.  We also incorporated two lovely flourish motifs, similar to the one at the top of the invitation, into the two bottom corners of the reply card.  Isn’t it pretty?!?

Last, but not least, is the reply card envelope.  Like the outer invitation envelope, these envelopes were also printed in two ink colors: dark grey and green.  The front of the envelope featured Kelsey’s mom’s address in dark grey ink and one green flourish entering from the bottom left corner.  The back flap of this envelope featured a tiny, green magnolia encircled by a flourish-y frame in dark grey.  All three sets of envelopes in this suite were from Arturo Fine Stationery and the reply card and invitation were printed on Crane Lettra 110 lb., 1o0% cotton paper in Pearl White.  If you like these invitations, check back on this blog next week to see the new set of magnolia-themed invites we are in the process of creating for a couple in Florida getting married in 2011.  They are yellow and medium grey and are turning out absolutely beautifully!

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