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Sometimes, during the summer, when it’s really busy around here, I have a terrible habit of showing off a couple’s awesome Save-the-Dates and then taking forever to actually show you, my lovely blog readers, their invitations.  You may have noticed recently, that while I’ve been showing off new work, I’ve also been recapping a lot of my favorite invitations from earlier in the year, that I just didn’t get to blogging about when they were hot off the press.  The invitations you’re about to read about in this post, were one such set of invitations and one of my favorite sets from earlier in the summer.

If you’ve been reading this blog for quite a while, you may remember Theresa and Dermot’s awesome save-the-date coasters with tiny little square envelopes that we created way back in November of 2009.  If you haven’t been following us that long, you should go back and check out the link, as they were pretty awesome.  A few months after her Save-the-Dates were sent, Theresa hired me again to design and print her wedding invitations.  She wanted the styling of these to be a little more formal and classic than her save-the-dates, but still whimsical and elegant.  We used two ink colors for her pieces: a lovely turquoise blue and a metallic silver.  The suite included an invitation and reply card, both of which were printed on Crane Lettra Pearl White Paper and coordinating envelopes for both pieces that were printed with silver ink on pool blue envelopes from Waste Not Paper Company.

Theresa and Dermot’s wedding invitation is a standard A7 size and was printed in two ink colors.  The decorative motifs on this design were printed in a light turquoise blue and all of the text was printed in silver ink.  For these invitations I created an array of gorgeous, flowing, flourishes that stretch across the top and bottom of the card.  I love how the flourishes are slightly calligraphic and really formal, yet whimsical looking.  For the couple’s names, I used a script font with lots of flourishing that I thought mimicked the decorative flourishing of the design well.  Isn’t this beautiful?!?

Their reply card was a 4bar size and utilized the same turquoise flourishing motif and silver type.  I used a little less flourishing on this card, but I think that it still coordinates perfectly with the invitation!  We used script to emphasize important snippets of text, like the response date and the “M” on the line where guests would write in their names.

The impression the letterpress printing created in the paper for this design, for both the decorative motifs and the typography, was just lovely.  You can get a closer look at it in the image below!

Both the reply card and envelope for this suite were a lovely turquoise color from Waste Not Paper Company called “Pool”.   Often we just print the addresses on envelopes for wedding invitations and call it good, but for these we wanted to do a little more decoration on the envelopes themselves.  You can see the reply card envelope with the actual card itself in the photo above.  I printed Theresa’s mailing address in the center of the envelope in silver ink in the same fonts we had been using for the reply card and invitation, and then created a small flourish motif that could be printed in the top left corner of the envelope in silver.  I think this is a lovely way to make the envelope coordinate with the stationery, besides just matching the color.  It really makes the envelope a lot more elegant and fancy too!

Theresa and Dermot’s outer invitation envelopes were beautifully adorned as well.  I printed a small flourishing motif on the bottom right corner of these envelopes and then a larger one that matched the one from the reply card envelope in the upper left corner.  The return address of these envelopes was printed on the back flap and you can see that the decorative flourishing cascades over the top of the envelope from the front to the back.  I think these turned out just beautifully and working with Theresa and Dermot on this suite was fantastic!

Congratulations Theresa & Dermot!  Thanks again!

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